Tide Pods are back in the limelight after The Glenlivet, the worlds second best selling brand of Scotch, released alcoholic Tide Pods this week.

The Glenlivet released its Capsule Collection for London Cocktail Week as an innovative way to consume whiskey. The glassless cocktails come in three flavorsCitrus, Wood, and Spice. Each capsule contains 23 milliliters of whiskey wrapped in a Tide Pod-esque biodegradable wrapper made of seaweed. The capsules are meant to be bit into and the wrapping can be swallowed.

We spend all this time convincing people not to eat tide pods and these motherfuckers just,Twitter [email protected] wrote, referring to the viral, dangerous Tide Pod challengein which young people literallyate Tide Pods.

In the wake of the challenge, YouTube took videos down claiming they violated YouTubes rules and encouraged dangerous activities that have an inherent risk of physical harm.

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