Northern Arizona University students are receiving attention for all the wrong reasons this Halloween. They dressed up as various types of homeless individualsand are continuing to defend their choice of costume.

Katie Stiff, 23, tweeted Instagram screenshots of the students in costume on Tuesday.

The screenshots show one student sitting on the ground with a sign that reads, Immigrant Mother of 10 Anything helps!!complete with brown marks smudged across her cheeks.

In another photo, five students are seen with signs labeling themselves everything, from a veteran with prostate cancer and recovering alcoholic who needs money forAlcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings to a 16-year-old who is pregnant.

Stiff who is based in Gilbert, Arizona, told the Daily Dot on Saturday that she knows the individuals in the photo, as her sister-in-law attends church with a few of them and is friends with them.

The costumes were so disrespectful to people struggling in difficult situations, and made light of their plight, Stiff said.To ridicule and make a joke/costume out of someones struggles is so disgusting, and to not understand why that may be offensive is a great show of privilege and lack of regard for human suffering.

Stiffs post went viral and even reached others who attend class with the girls.

Gabriela Torres, from Flagstaff, Arizona, tweeted that she has a classsociology of race and ethnicitywith one of the girls in the photo, identifying her as Paige Quaranta.

I think it is disgusting that my peers would think that something like this would be funny, Torres told the Daily Dot on Saturday. Paige in particular because the class we are in together is Sociology of Race and Ethnicity and we discussed how costumes like this are harmful and just wrong.

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