An indie game by the name ofEnchanted Portalsis on its way to a potential release on Nintendo Switch and PC. A trailerwas released Tuesday on YouTube, announcing that a Kickstarter for it will open on Oct. 24. Many gamers were quick to notice that the graphics and gameplay looked strikingly familiar, drawing a comparison to none other than top-selling platformer Cuphead.

Cuphead,released byStudioMDHR, is an indie game known for its 1930s cartoon-inspired art style, whimsical music, and challenging gameplay. Just two weeks after its release on PC and Xbox One, it sold a million copies worldwide. As with any other successful title,Cuphead has seen its fair share of ripoffs andscams.

Many pointed out that not only doesEnchanted Portals use a similar art style reminiscent of 1930s cartoons, but the trailer footage also shows similar gameplay mechanics and boss fights. Many fans have been quick to point out the similarities and are expressing their frustrations online, accusingEnchanted Portals of ripping off the popular indie title for a quick cash grab.

A video game called Enchanted Portals has had a lot of people call it a ripoff to Cuphead and I have to agree with that consensus. This game feels almost plagiaristic as it has the same mechanics and the art style Cuphead achieved so well. This game is not off to a good start, Twitter user @Animated_Antic wrote.

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