Hundreds of Jews took over Amazons Manhattan store on Sunday to mark a mournful day on the Jewish calendar by protesting against the tech giants complicity in Immigration and Customs Enforcements (ICE) activities.

Demonstrators filled up the store as well as the road outside, protesting Amazons ties to data firm Palantir, which works directly with ICE, according to 927mag.

Photos and videos on social media show protesters gathered inside the store, many reciting a Jewish prayer:

Protesters were marking the Jewish occasion of Tisha BAv, between Saturday evening and Sunday, a ritual that marks the saddest day on the Jewish calendar.

We mourn the destruction of all things holy on the Jewish observance of Tisha BAv,CBSTs Senior Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum said in the statement to the Daily Dot. This current administrations attacks on immigrants, Muslims, Latinx people, Jews, people of color, and others are likewise horrific destruction of holiness. CBST is proud to stand with all those suffering today and against the evil of the camps, ICE policies and the separation of families. Never again is now.

One of the rituals for observing Tisha BAv includes fasting, which means some protesters may have been fasting, as pointed out by supporters on Twitter.

Different Jewish organizations came together for the protest, including Jews for Racial and Economic Justice and the Congregation Beit Simchat Torah (CBST), New Yorks LGBT synagogue.

Amazon plays a key role in this crisis by providing the technological backbone for ICEs operations to track, identify, and hunt down immigrantsand by marketing new technologies to further help ICE fulfill [President Donald] Trumps white nationalist agenda, CBST said in a statement to the Daily Dot. The peaceful march is one of dozens of #CloseTheCamps protests and vigils planned by American Jewish groups, including the National Council of Jewish Women, HIAS, Truah, and more, for whom Tisha BAv has become a call to action.

Many organizations and protesters shared their photos on social media with #JewsAgainstICE or #NeverAgainIsNow:

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