stans are using her pictures to catfish sugar daddies, and its actually working.

The trend of using celebrities to create fake profiles is not new, nor is the idea of using fake pictures for online dating. In fact, the series Catfishis still going strong in its seventh season thanks to the prevalence of catfishing.

Yet, it still seems incredible that anyone can use a picture of Beyonc and the receiver not recognize who she is.

One Beystan shared an alleged conversation between them and the sugar daddy they fooled by using photos of the icon.

I found sugar daddy, Twitter user @beyhive wrote. In the conversation, another Twitter user slides in their DMs to ask, If you real let me see your real picture. So beyhive obliges by sending a selfie of Queen B. The man replies, Wow you look amazing. (I mean what were you expecting a Beyonc stan account to do?)

After being sent moreBeyonc photos, he asks, Are you a model and Where are you from?

Beyhive responds by saying that theyre from Houston, Texas, whereBeyonc notoriously hails from.

Its apparently common to useBeyoncs photos to catfish, because in the replies of beyhives viral tweet, users shared doing the same.

I did this too, Teyonc replied, along with their own success story. InTeyoncs screenshots, a man asks for Your pic plz.Teyonc replies, You want to see what I look like?

Yes I want to, the man says. SoTeyonc sends a selfie of Beyonc.

The man responds, Bebs its u really.Teyonc confirms that its them.

Wow, the man, astounded by Beyoncs beauty, replies.

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