Twitch streamer Maya Higa has slightly more than 106,000 followers. But at least one of them is obsessed with her sneezing. And she finds that awfully disturbing.

While streaming this week, Maya discovered that one of her fans had gone through her videos and clipped them each time she let loose with a sneeze. That allows a user to essentially to make a video on demand (VOD) of the moment that the person wanted to record. In this case, that person kept making video records of each time Maya involuntarily expulsed air through her nose and mouth at a high rate of speed.

It didnt seem to go over well with Maya.

Somebody went through my VODs, and clipped me sneezing,everywhere everywhere, she said, sounding exasperated, while clicking through all of the clips. And they just titled the clips, maya1, maya2, maya3, because of some sort of weird sneezing fetish or something. Do you know how long it would take to go through VODs of me sneezing like that?

I saw these this morning and I was like, What the heck?

As one redditor pointed out, though, it might not have been quite as time-consuming to clip all of her sneezes as one would think. Wrote the redditor, Its actually very easy to find timestamps of her sneezing, go to her chat logs then ctrl+f bless you or just bless and you will get all the timestamps of her sneezing, then go and match them with the VOD.

Even stranger, one redditor discovered that the Twitch user who had targeted Maya apparently has oodles of clipsof other female streamers sneezing.

Either way, Maya didnt seem to appreciate the effort. She deleted the clips of her sneezing and banned the Twitch user from her chat. But that doesnt mean the user is out of her online life. Even with a chat ban, that person could still view her streams and videos and could clip moments from those broadcasts.

So, she gave him a warning.

Look, whoever clipped those, the next time you sit down on your bed and you fucking get your lotion, get ready to get cucked, ew, you fucking weirdo, she said. Cucked.

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