When gaming superstar Ninja announced last summer that he was, Microsofts streaming platform, it seemed only a matter of time before other popular Twitch users switched their platforms as well.

Now, others are slowly beginning to migrate.

On Sunday, Gothalion announced in a video that he was taking his stream to Mixer. Gothalion, whose real name is Cory Michael, has more than 1 million followers on Twitch who watch him stream Destiny games, and in a tweet thats been viewed more than 1.1 million times, he said he would begin exclusively using Mixer this Tuesday.

I sat down thinking this would be a tough decision, but honestly, it felt kind of easy peasy, Michael said in his video. Its my belief that working closer with Xbox and Microsoft is not only going to help us propel what were doing but help us propel whats important on this channel. Which is doing good in gaming.

By that, Michael means hell have the resources to help mentor young gamers and broadcasters and to raise more money for charity.

It just makes sense to have a partnership like this one, where I get to have the potential of having platform level input as well as the backing of one of the biggest names in gaming in Xbox, Michael said.

Michael isnt the first to follow Ninjas lead. Last week, popular gamer Shroud said he was moving to Mixer, and he told Newsweekthat the transition to a new platform will allow him to directly engage with my gaming friends with more interactivity and variety.

Twitch probably wont like his decision, though, and so far, mysterious things have happened to those superstars who abandoned the platform for Mixer. As reported by the Verge, Shrouds name temporarily stopped showing up on Twitchs search function after he announced his departure. Even worse, Twitch accidentally used Ninjas dormant channel , an accident Ninja said made him disgusted.

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