The holiday season is upon us, which often means getting asked about your career and your relationship status by family members you rarely see. And, in the spirit of the holidays, Twitter users are bonding over the jobs their parents dont understand.

The flight attendant meme is here to let users share digs their parents may or may not have made about their careers. According to Mashable, the meme started with Twitter user Laura Gao (@heylauragao). Gao, a project manager, tweeted a hypothetical conversation between her and her dad on an airplane.

In the scenario, a flight attendant asked if there was a doctor on board, and Gaos father took the opportunity to say, that should have been you, and then proceeded to roast her job.

Not asking for a Product Manager to help, are they? Goa recalled her dad as saying. Gao responded with a Dad, theres a medical emergency happening right now.

Go and see if lets have a follow-up meeting helps, she then wrote her dad as saying.

The meme quickly circulated, as people were eager to share their own hypothetical scenariosprobably based on real conversationsroasting their respective career choices. The meme now follows a similar format as the one Gao used.

Many who worked with social media were quick to tweet about their jobs. Twitter user @connorlounsbury wrote their dad as saying, Go and see if a clever tweet helps.

Journalists made quips about their skill sets, and artists poked fun at their penchant for aesthetics.

Twitter user and journalist @lostblackboy wrote, Go and see if finding a second source helps.

Some responded to the flight attendant meme with other meme formats, like the emotional labor meme. Twitter user @ihatejoelkim wrote, Im actually at capacity/helping someone whos in crisis/dealing with some personal stuff right now, and I dont think I can hold appropriate space for you, in response to the flight attendant asking, Is there a doctor on board?

Some users just shared funny misconceptions about their jobs. Twitter user @house_feminist wrote, Go see if throwing a box into a garage door helps about her job as a UPS driver.

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