In another instance of a white man making his mark in a foreign land, a North Dakota tourist in Thailand was caught on video going on a racist, homophobic tirade that included boasting about raping children.

The man,identified by TMZ as Daniel Franckowiak,is seen yelling slurs and threats in a clip sharedon YouTube by user Vlog Bbc.

The video starts with the man establishing his identity.Im a real motherfucker, he yells.I kill people, I rape children. I kill faggots.

Im real, he continues. Ill fucking kill and rape you too.

Youre going down, he says to the person recording the video. Youre going down you coward chink bitch.

I dont drink. You know why I drink? To fuck you kooks up, he goes on. I dont drink to be happy, I drink to destroy you. Youre going to get destroyed.

The next few seconds shows an inaudible conversation betweenFranckowiak and two men in yellow shirts.He also appears to start dancing.Once the cops show up, he holds his hands up and complies with the arrest.

I aint here to fuck with you man, he says as he is being cuffed. Put me on YouTube, make me famous.

According to the YouTube description, Franckowiak attacked a shop unprompted and wouldnt pay for the damages or apologize.

We have a food shop and he just came in and started shouting and abusing us, a student reportedly said. He was aggressive and racist.

I dont know what we did wrong, she added. It was unprovoked. He shouted at everybody and said the most horrible things.

According to the YouTube description, he was previously reported for attacking a McDonalds mannequin in the city.

Franckowiak is from Bismark, North Dakota, and was reportedly being investigated for criminal damage for breaking a window at the restaurant in Chiang Mai, which is in the northern part of the country.



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